Weddings Santorini

Love is an Adventure

Since the beginning of time, the sea has romanced explorers, poets and lovers, alike. Now it can be the awe-inspiring setting for your perfect wedding. On the beach, in a charming port or out at sea, start a new chapter of your love story with an unforgettable wedding ceremony.

Discover the breathtaking possibilities on board and across the world for a wedding that’s unforgettable from beginning to end. Choose a wedding package as special as your day. Enjoy personalized services designed to surpass your ever expectation.

Enhance your Wedding with the extras you want more of – mouthwatering delights, live musicians, custom floral accents, and photography packages – plus everything you need for a memorable reception to allow your guests to be part of a mesmerizing event while sailing around the biggest volcanic caldera in the world.

The island has a charm that cannot be duplicated. It is the breathtaking settings that first captures your attention, but it is our service that will truly define your perfect day.

Let us make your something blue a breathtaking view. Let us light your ceremony with the fiery hues of sunset. Let us ensure your day enlivens a glorious sea of moments.

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